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Omega Red was built from the remains of the original Omega Red by an organization called the White Sky. He, along with his "siblings" , was implanted with false memories that result in a strong grudge against X-Force who, as they believe, was hired by some pharmaceutical company to kill their father who discovered a cure for their autoimmune diseases. Omega Red was revealed to have survived, and started a mercenary career, working for Roxxon. After fighting Deadpool serveral times, the mercenary convinced him that the memories of his past were false and that just like him, Omega Red needed to realize he wouldn't be controlled by those who transformed them into monsters.

Both called a truce, and Omega Red agreed to leave Deadpool alone unless he discovered he had actually murdered his family. Omega Red can emit lethal pheromones death spores from his body.

Omega Red All Special Attacks And Abilities

These spores result in the weakness or death of anybody in his vicinity. The severity of the effect is based on the endurance, health, and relative proximity of the victims. He was able to a wrap a victim in his coils to literally drain them of their life energy. This vampiric tendency was once essential to Omega Red's survival; the carbonadium implants, while great offensive weapons, slowly poisoned him and he was required to regularly drain the life energy of a person, or perhaps take small amounts from larger numbers of individuals, in order to temporarily sustain his immune system.

In order to stabilize his condition, Omega Red required the " Carbonadium Synthesizer ," a device that was stolen by Wolverine , Maverick , and Sabretooth during their final mission together as "Team X" sometime during the s when this trio tried to rescue double agent named Janice Hollenbeck and the carbonadium synthesizer. It was because of his need for the carbonadium synthesizer that Omega Red continuously sought out these three individuals over the years, believing they may know of its whereabouts.

When Omega Red survived a direct hit from the weapon, he wrapped Wraith up in his coils however Wraith managed to teleport away to safety. At some time in the past, the Soviet government decided that Omega Red was too unpredictable and treacherous to be relied upon, and placed him in cryogenic suspended animation until a method could be found to control him.

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Omega Red was led to believe that Wolverine knew the whereabouts of the carbonadium synthesizer which could save his life, and sought him out in an effort to find this device. Omega Red defeated Wolverine and brought him to Tsurayaba.

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In doing so, he came into conflict with the X-Men for the first of many times. Omega Red then killed him.

Brannex asked Iron Man to stop Omega Red, but he only agreed when Brannex promises to return all of the nuclear materials A. Iron Man arrived and saved M. Omega Red attacked the Acolytes in the London sewers. Katu despised Omega for killing his wife and child and destroying his arm. Suddenly, the alarms go off in the building. Moira grabbed Cable's gun and then fell to the floor unconscious. Omega Red appeared and says that she is not dead yet. Omega battled Cable and knocks him around while Cable is still under anaesthesia.

He finds the compound that he originally came for. He then is told that the computer has turned off the dampening system since Cable's tests are done and he turns to see Cable is back on his feet. He fought with Omega Red. Then Arkady used his tentacle to turn the bionic dampener back on and Cable goes limp and goes unconscious.

Arkady Rossovich (Earth) | Marvel Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Cable teamed up with Colossus and the Acolytes to battle Omega Red. He wanted to get more information about the Epsilon Red project that he was a part of and what created Omega Red. The Director told him that Epsilon Red was just a cosmonaut and Omega was a soldier. He, like the other Weapon X members, hates Wolverine.

He is eventually defeated by Wolverine and the Hulk. In the film, Omega Red does not exhibit his "Death Factor" ability, and rather than draining the life force of his opponents, he is instead able to electrocute his enemies via his tentacles. Omega Red appeared in two episodes of the series, first appearing in "Red Dawn" while attempting to conquer the former Soviet Union after being released from stasis. He is eventually defeated by the combined efforts of Wolverine, Storm and Colossus.

He also appeared in some flashbacks and Danger Room scenes in the series. He was played by Len Doncheff. He died at the end of his appearance. He was voiced by Richard Newman. Omega Red appears in the Wolverine Anime as one of the primary antagonists. He is an old foe who wants revenge on Wolverine and allies himself with A.

He is defeated twice by Logan. He was voiced by Ryuzaburo Otomo in the original Japanese version and by J. Blanc in the English dub. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Comic Vine users. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved. Omega Red appears in issues View all. Further Adventures Unlikely Business Man Sabretooth recruited Omega Red, along with Lady Deathstrike , to attack the family and friends of Wolverine, with the promise of giving them information on most of the world's mutants.

Romulus For more information: Wolverine Origins Omega Red is transferred to Vutluga Prison in Russia where he begins to drain the energies of his fellow inmates. Pale Skin, Cybernetics showing, retractable whips protruding from his wrists, and red eyes. Age of Apocalypse Earth Age of Apocalypse The Omega Red of Earth is similar to his mainstream counterpart, but he is weaker, wears a blue uniform and is involved in the black market.

Arkady Rossovich (Earth-616)

Other Media Film X2: The Animated Series Omega Red appeared in two episodes of the series, first appearing in "Red Dawn" while attempting to conquer the former Soviet Union after being released from stasis. Wolverine Omega Red appears in the Wolverine Anime as one of the primary antagonists. Video Games Omega Red in Marvel vs. Omega Red appeared as a playable character in the Japanese fighting game X-Men: Children of the Atom , voiced by George Buza. In his ending, Omega Red uses the synthesizer to stabilize his condition, and sets out to menace the world.

Omega Red returns as a playable character in Marvel Super Heroes vs. In his Arcade Mode ending, he kills Ryu and Ken. Len Doncheff reprised his role from the cartoon. Omega Red is a playable fighter in Marvel vs. New Age of Heroes. Rise of Apocalypse , voiced by Steve Blum. Omega Red appears in X2: