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Maine Carriage House Inn in Searsport is supposed to be haunted by two ghosts, each of whom met an untimely death. It is now an inn, and guests are given a breakfast almost exactly like the soon-to-be-murdered couple ate on the morning of their infamous deaths. Michigan The Holly Hotel in Holly has plenty of ghosts, but there are three that are seen and heard the most. One of them is a little girl who died there.

She likes to stay in the kitchen and play with the meat cleaver. The Lemp Mansion Inn in St.

Haunted Hotels in the U.S. | Lisa's Writopia

Louis — Mysterious sounds are heard, doors will lock and unlock on their own, and glasses will lift off the bar and fly through the air. There is a piano in the bar that will even play on its own. Nevada Goldfield Hotel in Goldfield is home to several ghosts. Even though no one has been harmed by him, he randomly attacks people with a large kitchen knife then immediately disappears. There is a legend, but is it true? If you stay in this room, objects move around, doors open and close, clocks will start and stop, and you may have the feeling someone is in the room with you. James Hotel in Cimarron, New Mexico, www.

The resident ghost is a little girl who was burned to death at a house that once stood in the same location. The Golden Lamb Inn in St. Lebanon is frequented by two ghosts. One of them is the ghost of a young girl who likes to knock pictures off the wall and stomp her feet. The other is the ghost of an Ohio Supreme Court Justice who died at the inn.

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Farnsworth House Inn in Gettysburg is located on the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. Over a hundred bullet holes were left in the building. The inn is filled with ghosts, many of whom are thought to be Civil War soldiers who died during the intense battle. Spirits of young children and a mid-wife also make their home here. Even though they have been long dead, they can still be seen wandering around. The Red Brick Inn. The Lodge at Cloudcroft.

The Inn at Hickory Grove.

Medina Stone Farm on the Erie Canal. Ashville Grove Park Inn Resort.

Spooky! The Most Haunted Hotel in Every State

Lodge on lake Lure. Colonel Taylor Inn Bed and Breakfast. Oak Bluffs Admiral Benbow Inn. Mount Pleasant Guild's Inn. Mount Pleasant Rice Hope Plantation. Pawleys Island Litchfield Plantation. Union The Inn at Merridun. Jefferson The Claiborne House. San Antonio The Crockett Hotel. Ben Lomond Historic Suite Hotel. The Old Stagecoach Inn. The General Lewis Inn. They are listed state by state. If you have any stories, experiences, or pictures from any of these location, please email us and we will post them for you.

Sign In or Register. Birmingham The Pickwick Hotel. Skagway Golden North Hotel. Bisbee Copper Queen Hotel. Douglas The Gadsden Hotel. Flagstaff Hotel Monte Vista.

Jerome Ghost City Inn. Phoenix Hotel San Carlos.

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Williams The Red Garter. Aptos Apple Lane Inn. Coronado Hotel Del Coronado. Half Moon Bay Zaballa House. Los Alamos Union Hotel. Long Beach Queen Mary Hotel. Los Angeles Roosevelt Hotel. Oakhurst Sierra Sky Ranch. San Diego Horton Grand Hotel. Santa Monica Georgian Hotel. Colorado Springs Hearthstone Inn. Denver Brown Palace Hotel. Estes Park Stanley Hotel. Mystic Red Brook Inn. Bethany Beach Addy Sea Inn. High Springs The Grady House. Key West Eaton Lodge. Micanopy The Herlong Mansion.

Ocala Seven Sisters Inn. Quincy The Allison House Inn. Augustine Casa Blanca Inn. Adairsville Barnsley Garden Resort. Savannah 17 Hundred 90 Inn. Savannah The Foley Inn. Savannah Hamilton Turner Inn. Savannah The Marshall House. Wallace Historic Jameson Inn and Saloon. Alton Mineral Springs Hotel. Ottawa Fox River Bed and Breakfast. Madison Historic Broadway Hotel. Beaumont The Historic Beaumont Hotel. Lawrence The Eldridge Hotel. Bardstown The Jailer's Inn. Berea Boone Tavern Inn. Lexington Gratz Park Inn. It's said that a fire that gutted this building caused a few souls to perish and remain here to haunt the place.

Today, guests that stay on the third floor report seeing phantom flames, smelling smoke, and ghosts in period clothing roaming the halls. The Cherryvale Bed and Breakfast Facebook. Previously known as the Leatherrock Hotel, this spot in Cherryvale is notorious for nighttime nightmare fuel.

If you're scared of ghosts, that is. There's a ghostly dog, cat, and family that's said to live in the museum section, where the original owners used to live. There's been sightings of a dark shadowy figure accompanied by the voices of women. In the hotel section, there's been witnesses who report seeing a ghostly woman in white slamming doors and walking the halls. The legendary ghost here is actually named after the hotel, it's so notorious.

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The Eldridge Ghost's favorite room is , and guests can expect anything from shaking your bags to rearranging your furniture. They've heard it all, here at the Eldridge Hotel. Due to Atchison being the most haunted town in Kansas, it's not out of the ordinary that this Bed and Breakfast would be included.