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  1. 20 Best Personal Finance Books You Should Read Now
  2. The Millionaire Next Door
  3. 20 Best Personal Finance Books You Should Read Now

They decided in their late 30's that they wanted to be financially secure and take control of their financial life.

20 Best Personal Finance Books You Should Read Now

They took a One of my goals this year is to work on my personal finances. They took a week off from work and read lots of finance books and did tons of research. They share with readers their process step by step and are honest about what they have discovered over the years. One of the biggest lessons of the book - cut your expenses!

The Millionaire Next Door

Instead of trying to make more money you should reduce the amount you spend. They also spend a lot of time talking about how investing in mutual funds is one of the best tools available for low and middle income people to build their wealth.

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I already do a lot of the things in this book, but they were good reminders and I picked up a few new tips. I picked this up after seeing it recommended on a couple of personal finance websites.

  1. Die Fat or Get Tough: 101 Differences in Thinking Between Fit People and Fat People;
  2. The Oberlin Evangelist No. 23: 1861.
  3. Powers: A Novel.
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This couple gets IT! They understand family, parenting, debt elimination who else tells you to pay off your student loans and mortage ASAP--love it! They must be from Iowa. They encouraged me not to raise my standard of living quickly explains why we are taking our 14 year old car to Houston with us. They really put forward the idea of living simply to save money. Th I picked this up after seeing it recommended on a couple of personal finance websites. They begin with getting a month emergency savings sounds familiar , getting out of debt have they met the prophet?

When we get these things accomplished, I will need to re-read to see their thoughts on investing. I enjoyed their thoughts on parenting, living in a one-bathroom house, and grocery shopping. They built their fortune in , and wrote the book in Things have changed significantly. I'm glad to have found people who feel the same way we do about debt as we do.

Jan 10, Kristin rated it really liked it. This is a dated book published so the numbers given and some of the ideas ex.

How to Retire Early: The Shockingly Simple Math

I would be willing to look past this, in some cases. However, in this book the writing was really bad, the arguments seemed inconsistent, and I just couldn't get past this to complete this book. Dec 16, Heather rated it liked it. Had some good information in it, but not enough details on the things I wanted to know more about and too much extra info on stuff I wasn't wanting from this book. Got me thinking about money and saving in a different way which is essentially what I was looking for.

Nov 05, Jamie rated it liked it. I agree that some of the ideas of saving money are a little far-fetched, but I'm also amazed how this simple, average couple managed to financially change their lives in just eight years. I definitely think more about my purchases than I did before, because of this book, and I'm glad that I do. Sep 12, Mer rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved this book. It's written by a couple who could be my neighbors they're so average.

They promote appreciating what you have and keeping things simple. It gave me hope that with some work I could stop stressing over those minimum payment amounts that at times were too big to pay. Apr 13, Elizabeth rated it really liked it. A bit outdated the copyright on my version is from the year , but it has good information. I like how the perspective is from the average family with a modest income, and not from a financial professional. I found this book to have good, solid, practical advice.

20 Best Personal Finance Books You Should Read Now

Sep 29, Kristin rated it liked it. Very informative and down to earth. May 29, Warren Rowland rated it it was amazing. The book that I stumbled across that started it all! It's really good, explains a lot of things and helps you to make actionable steps. It is very reasonable. Mar 16, Sarah rated it it was amazing. A must-read for anyone wanting to secure their financial future and possibly cut back to a single income or part-time work. Feb 28, surfurbian rated it it was amazing. Jan 27, Jeffcharie Charie rated it really liked it. This was a great book. It really made us think about having less and enjoying life more.

Jessica Leigh rated it really liked it Jul 21, Steve rated it really liked it Apr 30, Amy rated it liked it Nov 29, Katie Newton rated it it was amazing Mar 17, Todd rated it it was ok May 25, Find someone you can trust, and who will understand your journey, a journey that will never be completed overnight. Planning and investing for retirement is a journey Are you prepared for retirement? Your retirement can be 30 years or longer. Learn about the different investment options and retirement plans that are available for you.

Keep in mind your picture of what you want your retirement to look like. That picture will help you to stay on the road towards your dream. You might be alone, and will surely want a quality life. This is understandable, because they usually have their own job, as well as being the housekeeper. But what if your husband wants to buy you a new luxury car? Have you thought of asking for a more modest car and having the extra money placed in a savings account in your name?

That fancy car you drove in your 30s will be a distant memory when you spend the last years of your life — which, by the way, can be very healthy and good years for you — in poverty. There are numerous ways of cutting back and investing that money. Start budgeting and allocate your allowance or salary more sensibly. Every rand you save can change your future.

  • Michael Zachary: The Wilderness Battle;
  • Woman's guide to financial freedom.
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  • Your child does not need all the toys and expensive clothing. I have never heard of a child left with scars from living a more modest life; usually, it is to their benefit. No amount you save is too small The wonder of compound growth is well known, and the benefit of time must not be underestimated. Where do I invest? All investments, whether a unit trust, policy, pension or annuity, end up in one or a combination of the following pots: Try to simplify your investments: It is no different in the rest of the world.

    Women look at a lot more factors before making a selection. They are better shoppers and therefore will wait for a bargain when it comes to shares. To sum up Women are faced with more obstacles than men, but the issues are not insurmountable. The first thing to do is recognise that you generally possess all the skills of a man — perhaps more — but have not necessarily put them all to use. The aversion to the risk of loss can be tempered by increasing your knowledge and finding a good adviser preferably one who is an accredited Certified Financial Planner.

    Start reading the financial papers today — invest 10 minutes a day in your future. Even if you read only the headlines, you will start building knowledge, and, hopefully, become curious enough to want to know more. Set your cellphone alarm to remind you daily of this important task.