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Return to the Lady of the Forest with Zathrian.

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He and the Lady talk, and the Lady reveals how Zathrian created the curse; he used his own blood, so as long as the curse survives he remains alive but his death will not end the curse. When Zathrian meets the Lady of the Forest, he will eventually say "See? They turn on you as quickly. Do what you have come here to do, Grey Warden, or get out of my way. Zathrian attacks and summons 2 greater shades and 3 wild sylvans. During this fight Witherfang, Swiftrunner and the werewolves are paralyzed however, a Templar using Cleanse Area can dispel this Game may crash if used.

Mana Clash is particularly effective against Zathrian. When Zathrian's health gets low enough, he stops the fight. He eventually agrees to lift the curse, sacrificing himself and the Lady of the Forest Zathrian's body disappears. The werewolves transform back to humans and leave the forest. Return to the Dalish Camp. Lanaya, the new Keeper, tells you that "the curse is over, and no one else will be subjected to it.

The Lady transforms into Witherfang and attacks along with Swiftrunner 8 werewolves. Attack Swiftrunner and the werewolves before attacking Witherfang; Zathrian can keep Witherfang busy for most of the fight, but he may use Cone of Cold and may accidentally freeze you. Zathrian takes Witherfang's heart and thanks you. If you ask, he tells you that if he had died, Lanaya knows how to use the heart to cure the hunters. Zathrian says he should get back to the Dalish Camp and invites you to come with him.

Zathrian or Lanaya if you killed Zathrian tells you that the heart has cured the hunters and pledges the elves' support to fight the Blight. If you can persuade, you may be able to convince the Lady to kill Zathrian and the elves requires Expert Coercion. You appear at the Dalish Camp with the Lady, Swiftrunner, and the werewolves.

Zathrian approaches to talk but no matter what you say he refuses to lift the curse. You have to fight Zathrian, Mithra, Lanaya, and all the elves in the camp. Zathrian likes to use cold spells Cone of Cold and Blizzard so avoid him — let Witherfang fight him — and focus on the other elves first Mana Clash is particularly effective against Zathrian. Regardless of how you completed this quest, you can now freely open the chest by the Keeper's aravel to obtain the Song Book , which grants Codex entry: The next time you enter the middle of the West Brecilian Forest north from the entrance, then straight across the bridges by the waterfall , you will be confronted by Panowen whose husband was slain by the werewolves and several Dalish hunters.

If you lifted the curse or sided with the werewolves, she will attack you unless you can persuade her that Zathrian was to blame in which case she gives you the Silverleaf ring. If instead you killed the werewolves, she will thank you and bestow the ring as a reward. And lastly, the next time you speak with Leliana at the party camp , she will sing "In Uthenera".

There are four side quests that can be taken in the Dalish Camp once Nature of the Beast has been started. Obviously, none of them can be completed if you side with the werewolves as all the elves will be dead. Sign In Don't have an account? Contents [ show ]. Dalish Elf Wardens will have some significant changes in dialogue during this quest. Also, if Dog is present in your active party, it will growl at Zathrian at the beginning of the dialogue, and Zathrian will express his distaste for canines. If Dog is in the party when you first arrive at the Dalish Camp then when the conversation is over Mabari Dominance is active even though you have not examined the Landmark Tent behind Zathrian yet.

For fighting werewolves later, have Shale or Dog in the party. Against a party full of people the werewolves will use Overwhelm and kill everyone very quickly. Dog and Shale are immune to this ability. For this reason, along with many others, Shale or Dog make great additions to a player party. Varathorn is notable because of his infinite supply of herbs, and the Manual: If one kills Zathrian using cone of cold spells etc. This means Lanaya will become the Keeper. As the Warden progresses through the main quest, some wandering groups in this area will be repopulated.

Keep your eyes open when backtracking. As the Warden progresses through the main quest, some of the wandering groups in this area will be repopulated. Athras ' wife, Danyla is found in the northern passage, just past the werewolves. See Lost to the Curse side quest. It is possible to kill both the hermit and the oak tree, by attacking the hermit and running away into the magical barrier and then going to the oak tree and killing the oak, then going back to the hermit who will still be hostile and killing him, but doing this will make it impossible to get past the magical barrier, also making the quest "Nature of the Beast" not possible to complete.

If you save before buying the acorn from the Mad Hermit, then buying it, go ahead and reload the save, then go to the Grand Oak. If you talk to the Oak, you will have the choice to give the Oak the acorn, though technically you haven't got it yet, and you can still keep the scarf for side quest. If you have completed the Lost to the Curse side quest, you will no longer have the scarf, the hermit will trade for a shiny silver ring, when selecting from the found in the forest option.

Once you pass through the barrier with either the Oak Branch or Magical Werewolf Pelt , the barrier disappears. You can sell the staff and leftover Werewolf Pelts now, you do not have to keep them to go past where the barrier was. Once you passed through the Magical Barrier using either the Magical Werewolf Pelt or the Oak Branch to reach the center of the forest and the ruins, you can no longer trade with the Hermit, nor can you agitate him into attacking you by rummaging through the tree stump. This may be a good time to clear out your inventory; players have reported requiring over empty inventory slots to pick up every item.

If you backtrack to the Dalish Camp, watch out for enemies that may have spawned since you cleared the area. Leaving the area or entering the ruins will trigger the spawning of new enemies in the forest behind you; the first time you return or leave the ruins the Warden will face a large group of darkspawn hurlocks and genlock alphas.

Nature of the Beast

The Upper Ruins have many secret doors about 3 total. They look like bricked-up arches, but once the controlled party member gets close enough, they are recognized for what they are. Loot and enemies are found behind these doors, and sometimes multiple doors are connected so that opening one will open a second door behind you.

One such secret door is found to the left side, immediately upon entering the Upper Ruins; a locked chest behind it yields a letter for the Correspondence Interruptus side quest. This door is before the downward stairs and tree roots.

The nature of the beast - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Watch out for traps throughout the ruins: There are four 4x invisible square pressure plates on the mosaic and two 2x more around it, and when stepped upon, these traps will unleash fireballs. If you avoid the mosaic and cross the room up against the north or south wall then the Dragon will not appear.

You can still raid the Dragon Hoard. As the party enters the larger room, the spirit of a young elvish boy will be walking around the mosaic, apparently looking for his mother. This spirit is linked to The Mage's Treasure quest; the Tablet found in the sarcophagus nearby is also linked to a sub-quest, The Elven Ritual , which will be added to the quest journal when picked up. The room at the bottom of these stairs holds a Phylactery and a Broken Stone Altar , both related to the Unlocking of the Arcane Warrior specialization. In the southern wing of the room, the Warden can inspect an Adventurer's Corpse to find an Adventurer's Journal associated with the Unbound side quest.

Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Hardly a day goes by when nine-year-old Laurent Lepage doesn't cry wolf. From alien invasions, to walking trees, to winged beasts in the woods, to dinosaurs spotted in the village of Three Pines, his tales are so extraordinary no one can possibly believe him. But when the boy disappears, the villagers are faced with the possibility that one of his tall tales might have bee Hardly a day goes by when nine-year-old Laurent Lepage doesn't cry wolf. But when the boy disappears, the villagers are faced with the possibility that one of his tall tales might have been true.

And so begins a frantic search for the boy and the truth. What they uncover deep in the forest sets off a sequence of events that leads to murder, leads to an old crime, leads to an old betrayal. A monster once visited Three Pines. And put down deep roots. And now, it is back. Hardcover , pages. Chief Inspector Armand Gamache To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about The Nature of the Beast , please sign up. This is my first Lousia Penny novel, and I just saw that it's number 11 in a series. Is this the kind of series where you have to or at least it makes a lot more sense to start at the beginning, or is it okay to jump right in, the way I do with Agatha Christie and Gerald Morris? I read the sixth one first -- then stopped and went back and binge read from the first one on. It is a beautiful series and you deserve to enjoy each and every step along the way.

Are these books needing to be read in order? Becky Yes read them in order. Two of the books in the middle of the series are somewhat connected. If you don't read them in order, it will hamper the …more Yes read them in order. If you don't read them in order, it will hamper the storyline for those books. See all 21 questions about The Nature of the Beast…. Lists with This Book. Three Pines, Quebec is a town that should emanate peace and tranquility. But seriously, this town must have the highest per-capita murder rate in all of Canada!

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When a young boy is hit by a car and left for dead on the side of the road, Armand knows there may be more to this than a si Three Pines, Quebec is a town that should emanate peace and tranquility. When a young boy is hit by a car and left for dead on the side of the road, Armand knows there may be more to this than a simple hit and run. Maybe someone wanted to silence a boy with a vivid imagination?

Or maybe his adventures became all too real? I absolutely adore all the wonderful characters brought to life in these ingeniously crafted stories by Louise Penny. The town and its people come to life within her books. As always, I am looking forward to reading the next installment. Luckily I am behind and have a few more sitting not so patiently on my shelf. View all 57 comments. Note from the author: The circumstances had to be just right for all the characters in Three Pines, for it all to come together.

So that the characters, the series, and I gr Note from the author: So that the characters, the series, and I grow. One of the huge dangers in writing books with essentially the same characters and the same setting, is inadvertently writing the same book, over and over. Instead I try to make each book different, to explore different themes, but also different ways of telling a story.

Some lean more toward a traditional mystery, some toward a police procedural, some are like thrillers. But, I find that more and more often, each of the Gamache books incorporates elements of each. I am proud to write crime fiction. The rest is me. Shortly after I originally marked "The Nature of the Beast" to-read, I came across the author's comments on the book somewhere, so I pasted them here because I thought they'd be interesting to come back to when I eventually read the book.

I had no idea so many other people would be interested in them too. I enjoyed the book. I like that Jean-Guy is in a good place again and that his relationship with Armand is stronger than ever. I tend to enjoy the books in the series that are set in Three Pines the most, and that was the case here. Weapons of war aren't usually my first choice for a read, but the story was interesting, especially since it's based on fact. Some of it got repetitive, though. The guns were described over and over, and the mysterious nature of Professor Rosenblatt, Mary Fraser, and Sean Delorme, and the mistrust of the Professor towards the other two, and vice versa, were repeatedly hammered home.

It seems like there were some loose ends there, so we may be seeing more of them. View all 16 comments. Jun 06, Phrynne rated it really liked it Shelves: I do so love this series and I am really sorry that I am gettting close to the end of what is currently available. I will miss my monthly meeting with Armand Gamache et al. The Nature of the Beast is a great read, full of the atmosphere of Three Pines. I must admit I always like the books set in the village the best. The mystery seems a little outrageous at times, just a little unbelievable, until you get to the end and discover that the events are factual.

Gerald Bull was a real man and really i I do so love this series and I am really sorry that I am gettting close to the end of what is currently available. Gerald Bull was a real man and really invented the items around which this story is based. Gamache seems to be getting back to his old self in the last two books and I am hopeful that he will come out of retirement very soon. I would like to see him back at the top pulling strings and influencing people like he used to.

View all 6 comments. Mar 29, Esil rated it really liked it. I love Louise Penny. Every late August, she publishes a new book in the Inspector Gamache series, which means that I get to spend Labour Day weekend with this great cast of characters in Three Pines or wherever she sets the story in Quebec. At number 11, The Nature of the Beast is another great addition in the series. There are two parallel mysteries, one involving the death of 9 year old Laurent who claims I love Louise Penny. There are two parallel mysteries, one involving the death of 9 year old Laurent who claims to have seen a giant gun in the forest and the other involves a play to be produced in Three Pines that turns out to have been authored by a notorious killer.

And I won't say more about the plot to avoid any spoilers. But -- really -- for me the plots in this series are often besides the point. In fact, oftentimes the plots verge on being a bit over the top. But I would follow Louise Penny to the moon and back. Well -- not quite -- but I will suspend disbelief for Louise Penny and follow her to Three Pines or any part of Quebec to be in the presence of Armand Gamache and the other residents of Three Pines.

For me, this series is all about the characters and the setting. Her depiction of Quebec, with its mix of English and French, although a bit romantic, is so close to the mark and a lovely aspiration. And the characters are charming and quirky, but all with at least a few dark corners.

Although I preferred the previous one in the series a tiny bit more than The Nature of the Beast, this one nevertheless made for a great Labour Day weekend. View all 15 comments. Aug 23, Lesa rated it it was amazing Shelves: Every year it becomes harder to summarize Louise Penny's exceptional books. While How the Light Gets In may have represented a culmination of Chief Inspector Armand Gamache's fight against good and evil, even in retirement in Three Pines, he continues to take part in the ongoing battle. And, Gamache, representing Everyman, stands as witness to the knowledge that we all have the potential for evil, the potential for good, and, in The Nature of the Beast, the awareness of our own cowardice in the Every year it becomes harder to summarize Louise Penny's exceptional books.

And, Gamache, representing Everyman, stands as witness to the knowledge that we all have the potential for evil, the potential for good, and, in The Nature of the Beast, the awareness of our own cowardice in the face of evil. It's mid-September in Three Pines, when the weather is so beautiful it's hard to imagine that anything evil can invade the small community.

But, Gamache and his wife, Reine-Marie are present at the bistro when nine-year-old Laurent Lepage runs in, shouting that he had found a winged monster as big as a house. But, Laurent had warned the villagers before, of an alien invasion, of a fire at his house. The boy's stories and hoaxes only grew more elaborate. And, Gamache and Reine-Marie were in the bistro when Antoinette Lemaitre introduced the play she was directing at the local theater, a play called She Sat Down and Wept by an unknown playwright named John Fleming.

It's only Gamache that recognizes that John Fleming may not be unknown in Canada. So, when nine-year-old Laurent Lepage goes missing, the search reveals that the darkness had reached Three Pines. Poet Ruth Zardo is one of the first to acknowledge that monsters still threaten the world. It's a small circle of friends, acknowledging how the villagers are preparing pitchforks and torches, who call on Gamache. Bookstore owner, Myrna, sees it, and Clara calls. The line between fact and fiction, between real and imagined, was blurring. The tether holding people to civil behavior was fraying.

They could see it, and hear it and feel it coming apart. Penny seamlessly weaves together the multiple storylines, with the kind of climax she's known for, one that leaves the reader breathless. At the same time, she once again forces Armand Gamache to face his own fears and nightmares.

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He'd had enough of corruption, of betrayal, of the back-stabbing and undermining and venal atmosphere. He'd had enough of death. He's the man who knows that monsters exist, even in the Eastern Townships, even in Three Pines. Louise Penny brings back characters from the past, introduces new ones, and leaves us with a new threat. As in all of her books, though, Gamache and his friends unite to face the shadows, the shadows of the past, and the shadows of threats. And, they use light and knowledge and literature to combat monsters, as people always have.

No fake news was ever sooooo wrong! Book 11 in a most beloved series. I recommend this to anyone familiar with the previous installments. Definitely start from the beginning for more thorough enjoyment. The last one, 10, was probably my least favorite so I went into this a bit 3. The last one, 10, was probably my least favorite so I went into this a bit skeptical. Somehow she manages to keep it going because of the characters we fans love and do not want to lose. That said, please LP, keep writing because even their winter years are still worth my reading time.

Once again the author has spun a tale based on a real person and events out of Canada which made the main subject matter far more interesting and readable than if she had made it up. Another example where truth is stranger than fiction. Anyone who loves mysteries with great characters would love this series. View all 8 comments.

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There he gets involved in a situation that has dire international implications The book provides enough background information to be read as a standalone. Gamache, his wife Reine-Marie, and their German Shepherd Henri are happily ensconced in the picturesque town, which is filled with endearing and eccentric people. One of the most imaginative residents of Three Pines is nine-year-old Laurent Lepage. Laurent loves to explore the woods on his bicycle - with his trusty 'rifle' stick for protection - and always reports seeing otherworldly creatures and the like. So no one pays much attention when Laurent runs into the bistro one afternoon, with a story about seeing an enormous gun in the forest - manned by a monster.

The next day young Laurent is missing, and a feverish search reveals the boy's dead body in a ditch, presumably the result of a bike accident. But the scene looks 'iffy' to Chief Inspector Gamache, and Laurent's ever-present 'rifle' is missing. Gamache organizes a hunt for the stick, and lo-and-behold it's found beside a heavily camouflaged missile launcher - as big as a house - with a picture of a monster etched onto it.

Moreover, the barrel of the enormous gun is pointed toward the United States. The CSIS employees - a dowdy woman and a nondescript man - claim to be paper pushers when they're at home Before long there's another murder in the village, and it becomes clear that someone is desperate to find the plans for the missile launcher, perhaps to sell them to a third world dictator. The police suspect that the current mayhem in Three Pines harks back to a time, decades before, when a number of Quebecois - including several from the village - worked in the weapons industry.

Most of these former munitions people seem to be dead, so the homicide cops and intelligence agents have their work cut out for them. It's not going to be easy to catch the killer and safeguard the plans for the super-gun. Gamache helps the investigation from the sidelines while he contemplates his future. This would probably be a good move, since some rude and disrespectful detectives - who were trained during the era of corruption - need ousting!!

Louise Penny's 'Chief Inspector Gamache' novels tend to be hit or miss for me , with the best ones combining a great mystery with lively interactions among the populace of Three Pines - accented by fun conversations, good food, and amusing scenes with Henri the German Shepherd. This book has a compelling mystery with international implications. Unfortunately, the characters don't shine in this story Though this isn't my favorite Louise Penny book, it's an okay mystery. I'd recommend it to thriller buffs, especially fans of the 'Three Pines' series. You can follow my reviews at https: View all 3 comments.

Idyllic that is until a young boy finds something monstrous in the woods and a day later is found dead. Of course when Gamache's old colleagues arrive to investigate he is pulled into the search for the killer and the origins of the monster in the woods. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.

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